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Forelimb Comparative Anatomy

ZBrush, Substance Painter, Cinema4D, Redshift, SaVRee, Tumult Hype, and Illustrator

A competitive forelimb anatomy interactive created to introduced vet students to the homology between the forelimbs of humans, dogs, horses, and cows. The students can appreciate the models in 3D, isolated species, and compare anatomy. 


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Obstetrical Management of Dystocia in the Cow iBook

ZBrush, Cinema4D, Marvelous Designer, Tumult Hype, iBooks Author, and Photoshop


An interactive iBook created to supplement a third-year veterinary reproductive course at the University of Georgia. The purpose of this project is to combine illustrations and 3D models to improve veterinary students’ ability to visualize anatomy and spatial relationships between the fetus and cow. 

Link to iBook here!

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